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The feather can represent two things: Jon's identity — and his reaction, turning away from it and facing his future : a dead legendary Starks indicates he will not pursue the iron Throne, at least not because of his Targaryen side. It could also be Robert's rebellion, a done deal. A past frozen in what the North should remember

How can Tyrion be a help against the Night King? Tyrion is an excellent strategist. He is aware of the wildfire in King’s Landing. Once Tyrion learn that fire can also destroy the Others, he will let Jon and Danny know about the wildfire. Unfortunately, this will be the opening that Cersei will need to capture Tyrion, Jon, and anyone that would go with them to King’s Landing because by that time, the the Golden Company would be in King’s Landing at the control of Euron/Cersei. It will also be at a time where the army was pushed by the Others towards King’s Landing. In the end, with the help of Tyrion, Jon Snow will win against the Others and against Golden Company, Euron, and Cersei in the second war.
Jon, Sansa, and Arya having statues in the Winterfell crypts

I believe it’s got a few meanings but the most important may be that the statues are a symbolic indication that they’ll be facing the worst kinds of danger in the coming season. Whether or not any of them die remains to be seen, it wouldn’t be given away so easily, but it doesn’t meant any of them will survive. I don’t think it’s meant to be taken literally but is either a dream sequence of Jon’s or one of the sisters’ or is filmed as an illustration of certain points but isn’t part of any scenes from the coming season. It may be purposed to show several things, including that the 3 siblings shown will work as a team, Jon will find out about his parentage but may be fortified by a letter from Ned Stark, Sansa will step beyond her mother’s prejudices and embrace Jon as a Stark family member, and last but not least, that the danger posed by the Night King supersedes all other issues. The teaser may also imply more uses of the Winterfell crypts for shelter and it could mean that the Night King will come down there. If he does and they’re waiting for him, it would be one of the few places they can isolate him and take him down. I don’t think Jon looks older in the statue. If it were intended to show that, it’d be a little more obvious, like more wrinkles, etc.

Sansa and Arya make their way to Winterfell — as symbolized by them taking different paths and arriving at the same spot — and meet each other. Then just as Jon joins them — which will happen in the first episode of season 8 — the threat of the Whitewalkers i.e. the cold gust of wind descends. The focus of the dialogue is clearly Jon's parentage. The feather falling, the secret unfolding, only gives Jon a pause but he continues on his path and joins the Stark siblings. It indicates his choosing where he stands. The statues are the spectre of possible death. They stare death in the face and as the threat draws near, they turn around to face it and the possibility of their death looms in the background.

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